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We offer service dog training courses in Denver, CO

Service dogs are not only helpful to their handler, but also those around them because they are trained to alert others when their handler needs care. That's why more and more disabled people are using service dogs in their everyday life

If you think you could benefit from a service dog, turn to Gifted Paws, LLC in Denver, CO. We offer service dog training courses for service breeds, like German shepherds, golden retrievers and some doodle breeds. You'll have the choice to train your own dog (upon evaluation) or purchase one of our specially trained pets.

For more information about our dogs and pricing, contact us in Denver, CO today.

Get the support you need

Get the support you need

Living with a mental or physical disability can make everyday life tasks that much harder. But with a trained service dog at your side, you'll have the confidence you need to live your life more freely.

At Gifted Paws, we provide:

  • Mobility assistance training
  • Emotional support training
  • Search and rescue training
  • PTSD support training

Each service dog training course is tailored to fit your specific needs so that you get the right kind of support. Reach out to us today to learn more about our mobility or emotional support training programs.